Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Spanish Foods

This blog, in collaboration with Spanish company Delinostrum, aims to introduce our visitors to the delights of Spanish foods. Spanish cuisine has enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years, thanks to the numerous tapas bars popping up in many major cities all over the world and to the emergence of several world class Spanish chefs.

Delinostrum is Spain's most successful gourmet foods online store. It stocks the best Spanish food products, sending 48hr orders out all over Europe. Based in Barcelona, Delinostrum offers traditional, delicatessan Spanish foods. The best brands at affordable prices, it has become a great favourite among Spanish food conosseurs all over the world.

Euroresidentes is one of Spain's most visited websites. We receive over 30 million page views each month, and are driven by our belief that Internet's main role should be to share and globalize knowledge.

We recently opened our Blog section up to collaborators and specialists who can provide our international community of visitors with useful information, insight and advice on specific themes. We are delighted that Delinostrum has offered to publish what we hope will be an informative and interesting blogs about Spanish foods and we invite you to discover the very products which have contributed to the worldwide popularity of Spanish cuisine.


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